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Ben Carson

  I follow with more than average interest Ben Carson’s growing popularity  in the United States. Reports from the past week indicate that he now ranks first in the long list of Republican presidential candidates. It seems he has even passed Donald Trump. I do not live in the United States and cannot vote in presidential elections. But I did live a number of years in the US and I believe I have a rather good idea as to how American … Continue reading

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Is it OK to be a small church?

  Last week I wrote about my visit to a local Lutheran church in Sweden. In passing I remarked that the largest Swedish denomination annually looses one percent of its members. You do not have to be a great mathematician to figure out that this will have serious consequences, especially when the members whose names are still on the books hardly take the trouble of attending church on Sunday. In the Netherlands we see something similar. The Roman Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Going to church on Sunday

When in Sweden, visiting my son and grandchildren (as I did in the past week), I do not attend church on Saturday/Sabbath. There is no Adventist church anywhere near Kramfors where they live. Last Sabbath, therefore, once again was a day without church worship.  However, during this past weekend I did go to church. On Sunday I attended the worship service in the Swedish (Lutheran) Church, just outside Kramfors. My oldest granddaughter sang in the children’s choir that had a … Continue reading

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The wall

Saturday October 3 was a feast day in Germany. Twenty-five years ago the Berlin wall came down and the reunification process of the two Germanies could begin.  In great numbers the citizens of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) travelled to places they had not been able to go to for some forty years. Many relatives had not been able to meet during that time. Travelling from West to East was difficult, but not East to West was impossible. In the … Continue reading

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I am writing this blog in an elegant room on the third floor of the hotel in the German city of Eisenach that is run by the German Evangelical Lutheran Church. My wife and I are here, because I have been invited to give a presentation to the members of the AWA. The acronym AWA stands for Adventistischer Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis. It is an association of German Adventists who meet from time to time to study and discuss relevant topics for … Continue reading

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