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Kinship and the Ellen White Foundation

  Eleven or twelve years ago the first ‘Open Day’ was organized on the grounds around the office of the Dutch Adventist Church. I have been a regular visitor of this event and hope that this event, that I helped to initiate, will long continue. Perhaps the time has come, however, for a thorough evaluation to determine whether the present format needs to be adjusted. I leave that to the current church administrators. And, speaking about evaluation, I am not … Continue reading

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Brexit and oecumenism

  It was predicted to be very close. Would the 46 million Brits who were entitled to vote decide that the UK should remain in the EU, or would they turn their backs on Brussels?  Many polls of the last few weeks and days suggested that the Brexit could well become a reality, and, indeed, a small majority of those who cast their votes decided that leaving is better than remaining. A much heard argument during the campaign that preceded … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the land-beast of Revelation 13

  Adventists have long been fascinated by two strange symbols which we encounter in the book of Revelation. In chapter 13 we are confronted with the ‘beast from the sea’. An adventism this ‘beast’ has traditionally been linked with Roman Catholicism. Admittedly, in the recent past the Adventist Church has become a bit more careful in its anti-Catholic rhetoric, but this interpretation continues to be defended by many church members. A bit further on in this chapter another beast enters … Continue reading

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Respect and tolerance

  On Sunday June 5 the Adventist church in the Netherlands held an extraordinary union session. A group of ‘concerned’ members used their statutory right to demand such a congress. In a ‘members manifesto’ they had published their views regarding a number of areas in which, they feel, the Netherlands Union is sadly amiss.  The fact that the Dutch Adventist Church has decided to ordain women pastors remains a sore poin to them, the more so, since the General Conference … Continue reading

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Getting a PhD – at any price?

  For some time rumors had been circulating that some African Adventist church leaders were less than truthful in the way they acquired their PhD. Now the truth has come out. On April 14 the South African newspaper The New Age published an article in which it was stated that Paul Charles, the communication director in the regional office of the church for the southern section of the African continent, and Paul Ratsara, the president of this region (South Africa-Indian … Continue reading

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