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I need your help

  I have overcome my reluctance to directly ask for your help as one of the two thousand-plus readers  of this blog, all over the world.  I have launched a project that I believe is extremely important. But it can only have a significant impact if many others are willing to spread the word. During the past six months I have written a book that I have called: Facing Doubt, and have given the subtitle: A book for Adventist believers … Continue reading

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The fear of terrorism

  Most of us have never been the victim of a terrorist attack. We have never seen how someone blew himself (of herself) up, or started to shoot in all directions with a machine gun. But we are worried. The images stay with us for a considerable time, after seeing the reports of the events in Belgium and France, some months ago; of the carnage in Nice and of the young Afghan man who attacked his fellow travellers in a … Continue reading

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The Adventist Church—was its past better than its present?

  Many Seventh-day Adventists think that their church is not doing so well. They have no difficulty in listing a series of things which they feel should change. The solution, they feel, is a return to the past. Rather than opting for a ‘progressive’ Adventism they prefer a form of ‘historic’ Adventism. However, when you enter into a discussion with these people, you find that many of them do not really have a clear picture of what the church of … Continue reading

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Soccer lessons

  I am not a soccer enthusiast. The number of soccer matches that I have ever watched on tv can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I have not closely followed the European soccer championships that are currently held in France and are now almost ended. That fact that my own country did not qualify for this tournament did not worry me at all. During the first few days of the event my reactions were dominated by irritation. … Continue reading

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