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Back at Friedensau

  Once again I am spending a few days at Friedensau. It is a special place for European Adventism. Almost 120 years ago the German pioneers of the Adventist Church decided to establish at this spot a church center with a health institution and a school. The first educational activities date from 1899. During the era of the East-German isolation Friedensau continued to function as an institution for higher learning, with, among other things, a training course for pastors. In … Continue reading

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An abundance of counselors

  Some thirty-five years ago the Adventist Church in North-Western Europe organized a study week for leaders of Adventist institutions in its territory. Together with two other Dutch institutional leaders (the director of the seminary and secondary school ‘Oud Zandbergen’ and of the Old People’s Home  “Vredenoord’) I flew to the Scottish city of Edinburgh, and from there i Drove the hire care for the three of us to Crieff, where at the time the church operated a health institution. … Continue reading

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Zeewolde and the kingdom of God

  Since roughly eight years I live in Zeewolde, a village/town in the Flevopolder in the center of the Netherlands, where until some 50 years ago there was nothing but water, Zeewolde was the most recent village/town to be built. It now has some 22.000 inhabitants. Most mornings I take a walk of about one hour. Usually I walk six to seven kilometers. An interesting side-effect of this activity is that I can closely follow the further developments of the … Continue reading

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A book for Adventists ‘in the margin’

  Recently I received an e-mail message from someone I have known for a very long time. He retired years ago, after having working during his entire career in the Adventist Church in a number of important assignments. He wrote me that, after careful consideration, he had decided to cancel his membership in the Adventist Church. He could not in all honesty remain a member of a church that ignores vital ethical norms, such as full gender equality. Another message … Continue reading

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Ellen and Linda

  In the past ten days or so I read two significant books that touch on my church—the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The first of these two is published by Pacific Press, in California and is about Ellen G. White. [1] Yet another book about her? many might ask. Has not everything  what there is to say about Ellen White already been said? Apparently not. In this book the reader finds a series of essays written in defense of Ellen White. … Continue reading

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