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Two discoveries

  In the past seven weeks—since the publication of my recent book FACING DOUBT (and of the Dutch edition)—I have received lots of comments from readers in the Netherlands, but especially also from the United States and Great Britain, as well as from numerous other countries. It is great to hear that so many have not only read the book and found much with which they agreed, but have also indicated that the book helps them to deal with their … Continue reading

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The Bible: reading before ‘studying’

  In the past week I spent a few days in England. It is always a pleasure to drive through the rolling South-England countryside, to visit the ancient city of St. Albans (where I have lived a number of years) and to walk through its famous cathedral. To pop into the enormous Norrington Room of Blackwell’s bookstore in Oxford is the cherry on the cake. However, my real purpose for my visit to the UK was to present the “Diversity … Continue reading

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Another birthday

  During the past week I celebrated my seventy-fourth birthday. I am deeply grateful that I have completed another year—in reasonable health and together with my wife Aafje. I do not see this as a matter of fact. Many people (and couples) do not get to live that long together. And it is not just ‘normal’ that I will be given many more good years in good health—even though I hope so.  That things may be different I realized once … Continue reading

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A return to the time of the pioneers?

  A few days ago I saw the name of a new ‘ministry’ for the first time: DEB (=Declaring the End from the Beginning). This ministry has a special message for Adventist believers. I am not going to invest much of my time in studying this new group to acquaint myself with all the details of its message. I understand that the Old Testament prophecy of the 2520 days (=years?) plays a very important role. According to this group the … Continue reading

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Polarization illustrated

I can hardly claim that the past week has been very boring. Besides some activities in my role of deacon in my local church, some social commitments, and the assembling of a number of screens against mosquitoes, I invested quite a few hours in some writing and translation assignments that I am currently engaged in. In between these things I started reading a rather substantial novel: Huwelijksleven (published in in English as Married life), written by the Jewish author David … Continue reading

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