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  [Thursday morning, 9 July]  Our modern technology enables us to follow what happens in San Antonio, even if one is not physically present. Yesterday I spent a major part of the day watching the live stream of the debate about Women’s Ordination in the Adventist Church. At 11 pm local time (I am presently vacationing in Sweden) I went to bed. It was clear which way things would go. Although I knew we would probably not get a ‘yes’ … Continue reading

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Far away–not only geographically

I write this blog on the day that the quinquennial world congress starts in San Antonio, Texas (Thursday morning, 2 July). This is the first time in a few decades that I do not attend a GC session—but the GC session seems to happen anyway! In 1966 my wife and I were weekend visitors of the session in Detroit. It was a few hours drive from from Andrews University, where at the time I was studying for my MA. I … Continue reading

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Magdalena per e-reader

  I would never have predicted that I would one day buy an e-reader, since I always was a firm believer that nothing exceeds the pleasure of holding a paper-book in your hands. But, I have surrendered, and it would appear that I may even like it—especially when traveling by train or plane, or even for a few lost moments at home, or on the balcony. Already over a year ago I received a coupon with a value of 100 … Continue reading

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  Like most people I hope to live a happy, long and healthy life. As a believer I pray for this privilege.  Admittedly, I do not exactly understand how this kind of prayer works—for it is a fact of life that for many believers life may just as unexpectedly take a nasty turn as it may for non-believers. Of course, I do realize that, with regard to health, I must also do something myself. For that reason I take, as … Continue reading

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(Dutch Adventist) History

  Last week (to be precise: on June 6) the Adventist Church in Leeuwarden concluded its celebration of the centennial of Adventism in Friesland. Chapeau for how the Frisian Adventists used this celebration to underline their presence in the city and the province. The media noted it on more than one occasion, and rightly so. During last week’s reunion of current and former members of the Frisian Adventist Church special emphasis was on the history of the Adventist Church in … Continue reading

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