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Adventurous Walks

Avontuurlijk Wandelen: Onderweg met de Bijbel (Adventurous Walks: En Route with the Bible)—not counting his Ph.D. dissertation, this is the first book by Tom de Bruin and it definitely gives a taste for more. Since about two years Tom is the executive secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Netherlands. Before assuming this post he worked for a number of years as a local church pastor. During this period he obtained a doctorate in theology. And now, in between … Continue reading

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My newest book

    At times it proves difficult to get your book published by an Adventist publisher. Even the larger publishing organizations such as Review and Herald and Pacific Press publish only a limited number of titles per year and often even good manuscripts do not make it into print. Some time ago I sent them a manuscript about postmodernism and an Adventist perspective on this phenomenon. To my disappointment their response was that they would not publish it. Of course, … Continue reading

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  Last week I mentioned at the end of my blog a new book written by Richard Rice and I indicated that I wanted read it as soon as possible. In the meantime I have indeed read the book and I do not regret that I started almost immediately after I received it in the mail. The title of the book indicated very clearly what the book is all about:  Suffering and the Search for Meaning. The subtitle clarifies this … Continue reading

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  I remember an event from my childhood years, which at the time I thought  was rather strange. In  the village where I lived a small, new enterprise was started. Two men had conceived of the brilliant idea to start a mobile processing unit of grass. They bought a barge on which they built a rather imposing technical structure.  The barge could move over the water to a place close to the farmer who wanted to make use of this service. … Continue reading

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  [Kramfors, Sweden, November 22].  Among the smaller adventures of life is visiting the bathroom in a home where you happen to be visiting or staying as a guest. In many cases the walls are quite bare and one finds only the essential objects within its limited space. At home in Zeewolde the smallest room of our house has on one of its walls a tray that was once used in a print shop but now houses a collection of … Continue reading

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