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Wolf and Lamb

  A few weeks ago the newspapers reported about a 63-year-old woman who had received an implant in her retina and, as a result, had regained her sight. A chip had been attached to her retina and she had received glasses with an in-built camera. The treatment costed about 100,000 euros. It was not covered by the insurance, and therefore is not available for everyone with the same eye condition. But I can imagine that one would be willing to … Continue reading

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How the glamor of travel disappears

  It was at the end of my third year in secondary school that I first left the country.  Our class had organized a holiday week in the small German city of Tecklenburg in the Teutenburger forest—some fifty kilometers beyond the Dutch-German border. I had, in fact, had the privilege of making the preparations.  We went by train.  It was the very first time I could use my passport. The border police entered the train at the last station before … Continue reading

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How many publishing houses should there be?

  From the very beginning the publishing ministry has been a very important activity in the Adventist Church. Since a considerable part of my church career has been in the publishing branch, I am always alert to see and hear about new developments in this department of church work. And indeed, there are presently some interesting developments. The leadership of the church has urged the two large denominational publishing houses in the USA to start negotiations about a possible merger … Continue reading

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IPad and COL

  [Friday, June 21) I am beginning to get the feeling that I am no longer completely in tune with our times.  Since very recently my wife enjoys the wonders of her iPad. I notice also how my granddaughter of five knows how to do all kinds of interesting things with her daddy’s iPad. And today I read on my laptop, on the web site of a Dutch newspaper, that a large school district in Los Angeles has decided in … Continue reading

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Short nights

  The nights are short, here in Kramfors in the south of North-Sweden. Last night the sun set at 22.55 hr. and this morning the sun rose at 2.43 hr. But even during this short night it does not become fully dark. After about a week I tend to be fully used to this again. At home, in our bedroom in Zeewolde, our curtains darken the room completely, but in our Swedish bedroom the curtains are of a much thinner … Continue reading

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