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  It is cold in the Netherlands.  In many questions and remarks around me, I hear the word ‘cold’ or related terms.  ‘Is it cold outside?’ is an of-repeated question before people leave the cosines of their home. ‘How cold do you think it will be tomorrow?’ Or: ‘How cold does it feel?’  Now that we have had a few days of frost it would seem, from the way people talk, that the country has shifted a fair bit in … Continue reading

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‘Language games’

  Some time ago I started reading a biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein ((Ray Monk: Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius). After some 200 pages I laid it aside and it was not until last week that I picked it up again. But now the book has me in its grip and I am sure to finish it.  I must admit that there are, however, some portions that are a bit beyond me. When Monk tries to explain what this famous … Continue reading

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  Years ago I worked in a church institution with a number of people on my staff. One of the children of one of the employees decided to cohabit. At the time that was much less common than it is today, and in Adventist circles in particular, it caused many eyebrows to be raised. One of his colleagues was very clear: Such a thing could not be condoned! But what happened? A little later the daughter of this colleague decided … Continue reading

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Bartlett, Ruguri, etc.

  The new year has started well for me. After a pleasant Christmas and a few relaxing days around New Year’s Eve en New Year’s Day, with a few good books and a visit to the museum for Dutch literature in the Hague (where I had never been before), I am ready to face the future again. In the last few days I received quite a few reactions to an article that appeared in the December issue of Ministry Magazine. … Continue reading

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Blessings and opportunities

  I have always liked Professor Anne van der Meiden and have admired him because of his many qualities. He grew up in the conservative section of the Dutch Reformed Church, but soon left this type of Christianity behind. He became a well-known liberal Reformed pastor, who led out in the wedding services of two of the Dutch princes. He wrote books on theology, but also about communication and propaganda—his second area of academic expertise. In addition, he wrote a … Continue reading

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