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Laotian wedding

[Friday, December 21]  Just moving in with your partner and starting a family is undoubtedly a lot simpler than a Laotian wedding, as we experienced it this week. The festivities began with a preliminary program on Wednesday—a visit to the national museum that gave us a survey of the political history of the country, and a fishing competition in the fish ponds of the father of the bride, followed by a fish barbecue. The actual wedding ceremonies started on Thursday morning, … Continue reading

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[Saturday afternoon 15 December] There are still quite a few cities and countries in this world that I would like to visit.  Indonesia and Singapore are certainly on that list.  This week the small screen on the back of the seat in front of me told me that I was less than 100 kilometers away from Indonesia. And I did visit Singapore for some twelve hours or so. It is a shame that it was so short and that I … Continue reading

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Since many decades the Netherlands has a coalition government. As a result radical shifts in political direction, following an election, are rare—either towards the left or towards the right. Several parties must work together and must agree to numerous compromises when forming a coalition agreement, and thus the course remains mostly in the middle. Presently the country is ruled by a coalition of a liberal and a socialist party, in which both liberal traits and some socialist hobbyhorses can be … Continue reading

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  Some two and a half years have passed since the quinquennial World Congress of the Adventist Church in Atlanta (USA). So, we are at the halfway point in this five-year period between ‘general conferences’.  It is a good moment to try to see where we are. The choice of Wilson as the church’s president was a clear signal that the majority of the delegates opted for another (more conservative) course.  Has that indeed happened? And if so, is this … Continue reading

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A busy week

(Wednesday evening 28 November)  This will be a short blog. When you are tired, you seem to catch a bit of flu more easily, and, unfortunately, this is my current fate.  I returned home on Monday morning after an grueling 8-day series of appointments. Together with my friend and colleague Peter Roennfeldt I toured Belgium and Luxembourg. He did about 70 percent of all the talking, while I drove the 2.300 kilometers to the various places. We held 17 meetings … Continue reading

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