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For such a time as this . .

  A few weeks ago I reread the Bible book of Esther. It is a novella that has all the ingredients of a good story: beautiful women, power, treason and a happy ending, when the bad boys are eliminated and the people with courage triumph. At the same time it is a very unusual story. In a Bible book we would expect to see the name of God, but in the Esther saga God is never mentioned, at least not … Continue reading

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Hopes and plans for 2017

  Of course, I, first of all, have my personal wishes for 2017: health and personal happiness for my loved ones and myself.  As far as the world around me is concerned, I sincerely hope that world leaders will be able to agree on ways to reduce war, sickness, poverty, and misery. I hope that we will see fewer outburts of populism, and less polarization, and that somehow the Trumps of this world will listen to the more reasonable voices … Continue reading

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Looking back: 2016

  Once we have passed the middle of December, we reach the moment when we start looking back on the year that was. For me this looking back always has three dimensions: the world, the church and my personal life. Well, what can I say about the world at the end of 2016? Our world has not become any better. We live with the enormous uncertainty of what the coming Trump-era will bring us. And nobody can predict what the Brexit … Continue reading

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  A few months ago a project was started to help a Kenyan student—Joshua Ondari Mugere—to fulfill his dream. Joshua is the son of Rebecca and her husband Moses. Moses is the administrator of an Adventist school in Kenya. A few years ago Rebecca took the courageous decision to embark on a theological study, with the aim of becoming a pastor. This meant that she would, for months at a time, be separated from her family in Kenya, to pursue … Continue reading

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Once again: Kuitert

  In my previous blog I was quite enthusiastic about the biography of Harry Kuitert (b. 1924), by Gert J. Peelens. I have now finished the book and my enthusiasm has gradually become mingled with a sense of tragedy. Peelen paints a very fascinating picture of Kuitert and gives a clear description of his development as an ethicist and a theologian. His career is, in fact, a triptych: Kuitert’s academic career shifted from theology to ethics and, after he retired, … Continue reading

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