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The two sides of the church

  Last Saturday I saw the two sides of my church. I had no preaching appointment elsewhere in the country, which enabled me to worship in the small church where I hold my membership.  That morning we were to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. As usual I arrived about ten minutes before the start of the service, with enough time to greet all members personally. There was no Sabbath School. Normally the Sabbath School starts at 9.30. It is followed by … Continue reading

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Once more: Facing Doubt

  A lot has happened since a few months ago my recent book FACING DOUBT: a Book for Adventist Believers ‘on the Margins’ was published.  Most reactions from readers around the world have been very positive. Time and again I received messages telling me that the book described their personal situation. Some added that it helped them to face their doubts in a more constructive way and to see their church in a realistic but more positive way, in spite … Continue reading

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  From the beginning numbers have been very important to Adventism.  And they still are. Ever since reading an interesting book that described American as ‘a calculating people’[i] I have often wondered whether the excessive emphasis on numbers is a specifically American trait.  If so, it not only chacterized American Adventism, but soon also became an aspect of international Adventism.  Ad Adventists we have tended to define our success in terms of membership growth, dollars and numbers of institutions.  Of … Continue reading

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Principle or Power

  I am writing this blog in the express train that will take me in just over five hours from Stockholm to Kramfors, a provincial town further up North in Sweden. The next twelve days will be most dedicated to the next phase of the renovation project of my son’s house. And my two granddaughters, of course, will also get quite a lot of attention. Skype and the excellent internet connection in my son’s house will ensure, however, that I … Continue reading

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About some good and some sad things

Last week it felt mostly like vacation. Together with my older sister from Canada and her husband, my wife and I spent a few pleasant days in Maastricht and the surrounding area (in the far South-East of the Netherlands). My Facebook followers may have read about our adventures. The week ended with a meeting with a discussion group on Saturday afternoon in Amersfoort, where I had been invited to give a presentation about my recent book FACING DOUBT. In the … Continue reading

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