Daily Archives: Augustus 16, 2016

An extra blog


In a few days I will post my regular weekly blog. However, in this short piece I want to mention something that is very important to me. It concerns assistance to Joshua, a Kenyan student who aspires to become a dental surgeon.

Joshua is the son of Rebecca. She currently serves as an Adventist pastor in Kenya. Rebecca Kwamboka Moses has studied theology at the Adventist University in Uganda. Last month she earned her masters degree in pastoral counseling at the Methodist University in Nairobi, Kenya. Her studies were largely paid for by a Dutch donor. Fantastic!

With her husband, who is also a pastor, Rebecca has a family with teenage and adolescent children. This means that it has been no mean feat for her to get the kind of education that she now has. I hope that she will one day be among the first female pastors to be ordained by the Advenist Church in Kenya. Who knows?

Joshua is currently enrolled in the six-year program for dental surgery at the Adventist medical school in the Philippines.  His parents receive a small subsidy from the denomination in Kenya, but the biggest part they must pay themselves. Rebecca and her husband are simply not able to do so. It, therefore, looks like Josua must end his studies and return home after just two years. Unless . . . there is help.

For the coming four years an amount will be needed of just under 2000 US dollars per semesters. Since there are twee semesters in an academic year, this means that  in total an amount will be needed of eight times 2.000 dollars, which is 16.000 dollars. This is a sizable sum of money. But I hope that there will be someone among the readers of this blog who will say: ‘I will assist Joshua over this four year period. Or that there are some who together are willing yo make sure that Joshua can continue his studies.

I realize that we cannot help the entire world. But there are moments when someone crosses our path whom we might be able to assist. Please write to me if you want more information (reinder@bruinsmas.com).