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  [Thursday afternoon] My schedule demands that I not only present my lectures but also spend a fair amount of my time in preparations. Yet, I am not so busy that there is no time left for other things, in particular the reading of some good books. We did not take many books with us when we travelled to Loma Linda (one suitcase for each of us with a maximum load of 23 kilo brings serious limitations), but a few … Continue reading

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On being more radical

  Loma Linda is a pleasant place and it would be quite easy to forget the larger world outside. However, when I am not at home, I try to stay informed about what happens in the town where I live, in my  country, in the world, and in the church. I am a frequent user of the internet service that allows me the watch the latest Dutch television news programs. When I fire up my laptop at about 7 am, … Continue reading

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  For a number of years I had hardly watched 3ABN, an independent Adventist television channel. Before we moved to Zeewolde we had a satellite dish on our roof and were able to received both Hope Channel and 3ABN. One of the main reasons why, at the time, I bought a satellite system and made sure I could receive these programs, was my desire to stay abreast of what was being offered by these channels to the public–both in and … Continue reading

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The ‘shaking’

  My first working week in my new job has almost ended. My first lectures went well (I think). It takes a little of getting used to, but things have started quite pleasantly—possibly apart from the 5.1 earthquake of last  Friday evening , a few minutes past eight. The quake was powerful enough for us to see how things in our apartment moved back and forth for about ten seconds. Surfing the internet I discovered that in this part of … Continue reading

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