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Between doubt and faith

  [Melbourne, 29 January, 2016] I instantly mistrust people who tell me they never had (or have) any doubts. And I am not referring to the kind of doubt that they may have about what they will wear today, or what food they will put on tonight’s table. I am talking about doubt with regard to issues of faith. Faith never offers absolute certainty. Faith is hoping, expecting, trusting. It is a strange mix of certainty and uncertainty that is … Continue reading

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Merikay Silver/Lorna Tobler and Desmond Ford

  I remember it like it was yesterday. It happened in 1986 during one of my first church-related trips to the United States. I was staying in a guestroom of Columbia Union College in Washington DC. The day before I had bought a book that left me quite confused. It was entitled Betrayal and subtitled The Shattering Sex Discrimination Case of Silver vs. Pacific Press Publishing Association. The book chronicled the story of the court case between the Pacific Press … Continue reading

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A time for inspiration

  At the beginning of this week my wife Aafje and I were busy packing our suitcases in Zeewolde. Now, at the end of the week, we are sitting—after a stop-over of some 36  hours and a very long flight—on a comfortable couch in a  very nice home in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Our jetlag is still bothering us a little, but the worst is over. The next few weeks we will be the guests of Peter Roennfeldt en … Continue reading

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  The Remonstrant Church in the Netherlands is a small Protestant denomination that owes it its origin to the 17th century controversy over the doctrine of predestination versus man’s free will. Some time ago it launched a significant poster campaign to promote itself. Shortly, it will now start with a series of 20-second radiospots that are also intended to draw people to the Remonstrant Church. In these spots a pastors of this denomination will very briefly announce what he will … Continue reading

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  What wishes do I have for the New Year, for myself and for others? It would not be very difficult to compile a long list of things I long for, with good health for myself and the people who are close to me at the top of the list. But if I were to single out one specific thing (something that usually does not figure in the New Year’s wish lists), it would be imagination. In the Dutch language … Continue reading

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