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Baalbek and Easter

    [Beirut, Saturday afternoon, March 30, 2013] Last Tuesday had a bitterly cold start for me in Zeewolde, but the day ended in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, where at the time of my arrival, around 9 pm, local temperature was still about 20 degrees Celsius. That is where this blog is written, in a not very cheery hotel room at the third floor of Hotel Eden. Why this hotel has been graced with this name is, after four … Continue reading

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Mixed feelings

  Saturday evening, March 23, 2013] Today a phase of my life ended. It sounds more dramatic than it, in fact, is. When in September 2011 I accepted the job of president of the Adventist Church in Belgium and Luxembourg, I knew it would be for a limited period. I agreed to do it for about a year. Well, it became a period of a year and a half and I had to be firm to ensure that it would … Continue reading

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Might God surprise us?

  For a few hours I doubted last Tuesday whether, after the two-day meeting of the administrative committee of the Adventist Church in France and Belgium, I would be able to leave Paris. The massive amounts of snow in the North of France had caused an enormous chaos on the roads between Paris and Lille, and most flights and trains from the French capital were cancelled. But I was lucky. Around three p.m. a Thalys train at the Gare-du-Nord appeared … Continue reading

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Fear of death

One thought often leads to the next. That was also the case when I started writing this blog in the Thalys hi-speed train from Schiphol airport to Paris. Last Friday morning I visited a bookshop and bought a book that was published late last year. It is by someone called Ebbe Rost van Tonningen. It is a rather fascinating book by someone who needed to deal with the past. His father was a prominent pro-German politician, prior and during World … Continue reading

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The papal cat

  During the past week we have learned a lot more about the daily life of the pope, who by now is pope-emeritus. The media have at length reported about the pope’s physical condition, the red shoes of calf leather, the way he should henceforth be addressed, his ring, and even the amount of his pension (2,500 euros per month). There were, however, two details that caught my eye in a special way. He will live two months in a … Continue reading

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