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About Belgium, and Rome, etc.

[Morning January 19, 2015] I am back behind my desk in Zeewolde. I always try to write my weekly blog on Thursday or Friday, but I did not get to it at the end of last week. My wife and I went to Belgium for the weekend. We stayed with friends with whom we always have more than enough topics for long talks. On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of preaching in the Adventist church in the Lange Lozannastraat … Continue reading

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Je suis Charlie

  I remember a conversation I had years ago with dr. B.B. Beach. We were both active in promoting and defending religious liberty. Bert Beach was the director of this department for the global Adventist Church, while I was his counterpart in a part of Europe and some other areas of the world. We talked about Scientology. At the time I was rather amazed that Beach was getting involved in defending the rights of this movement in a particular country … Continue reading

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Intentions and plans

[January 2, 2015] For many years I have started the new year with very similar good intentions. But, unfortunately, they tend to be soon forgotten. These intentions do not differ much from those of millions of other Dutch people and are not very spectacular. I am not planning to trek through China or to take up fishing as a new hobby. I realize that it would be good to do more physical exercise and lose a few pounds in  weight. … Continue reading

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  [Posted Sunday morning] The past week was very special. Not just because we celebrated Christmas. But, it was especially special because of the fact that my wife Aafje and I had our fiftieth wedding anniversary. Passing the milestone of fifty years of marriage brings lots of congratulations. Mentioning it on your Facebook page will see to that! That is very enjoyable. But to be together for fifty years is most of all a reason for gratitude. Although golden wedding … Continue reading

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  As it has done in the past few years, in the weeks before Christmas the United Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) is sponsoring  a television ad that will be aired some twenty times. It is an attractive Christmas commercial that may be viewed on the public channels. There are two reasons why I applaud this initiative. Firstly, it is good to welcome as many people as possible to church in the Christmas services (and hopefully also later on). But, … Continue reading

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