Death and beyond death

For years my blog has been announced as ‘almost weekly’. As far as I can remember I haven’t once skipped a week in the years I’ve been writing my blog. But last week was an exception. I was in the United States with my wife. There, as mentioned in an earlier blog, I received an award for my work in the Adventist Church. In addition, I had appointments for a few lectures and sermons, and we had the opportunity to visit some good friends who live near Loma Linda University. However, we decided to end our trip prematurely, when my wife’s sister’s health became critical. She died three days after our return.

A death in your immediate surroundings–of a family member or a close friend–confronts us with the fragility of human existence. And regularly paying visits to a hospital, as my wife and I did for a number of weeks, has a similar effect. You see too much evidence of physical detoriation and misery! And there are also too many reports from one’s circle of family, (former) colleagues, friends, neighbors and other acquaintances about tia’s, infarcts, bypasses, artificial hips and cancer-diagnoses. You sometimes almost feel guilty if all you have so far experienced is suffering from a bit of high blood pressure and/or an elevated blood sugar level. Having said that, it is important to always remind ourselves that, fortunately, there are also many robust and healthy people, and that there are still lots of people who almost effortlessly cross the threshold of ninety years. According to recent data, there are now more than 2100 centenarians in the Netherlands!

It so happens that the Dutch version of my recent book about death, resurrection and eternal life is coming off the press this very week. It is based on the recently published book: I HAVE A FUTURE: CHRIST’S RESURRECTION AND MINE (Stanborough Press, 2019). The Dutch title is: IK HEB EEN TOEKOMST: over dood, opstanding en eeuwig leven. The Dutch version is published by the Dutch Adventist Church and can be ordered through the Service Centre of the church. The link is:

The price is € 12,95.

It is up to others to judge the content of the book. For me, writing it was an intense, but very positive, experience. It helped me to think through the problems of death and resurrection in a structured way. Do I really believe that there is life after death? Is there enough evidence? Is the gospel story of Jesus’ resurrection really credible? And if there is eternal life, what does it look like? I didn’t find a definitive answer to all my questions, but it was a very constructive process. I myself have the impression that this book is perhaps the best I have written so far. But maybe some readers will think differently. I am curious. In any case, I hope that my reflections will at least help a number of people in finding answers to their questions about life and death.

Let me add this: In many publications of Adventist vintage one finds very frequent quotes from the books of the most famous Adventist author, Ellen G. White. I deliberately did not follow that model. My reasoning is based on the Bible and I have consciously attempted in my use of terms and my over-all approach to ensure that also readers with a non-Adventist background will feel addressed. Whether I have succeeded will have to be seen. Any reactions from readers will be very welcome!